Top 7 Mysterious AI Tool You Must Know About

AI tools that will definitely make your life easy plus escape the tedious tasks

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6 min readJun 20, 2023
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There are more than a million AI tools available right now to anyone across the globe, but few people are aware of them. Inside these millions of AI tools, there are some mysterious ones that probably nobody knows about, that are both FREE and game-changing. To be aware of these kinds of AI tools, you need to stay updated with tech news and follow people who have a special knack for tech and new AI tools.

We need to stay productive and prevent wasting our time on tasks that don’t deserve our time and are now automated by AI. So let’s discover some of the tools. You can start using them after very brief introductions to each of the AI tools, followed by a link to the tools, so that you can escape the tedious tasks and skyrocket your productivity.

1. is a tool that converts your voice into the voice of a celebrity of your choice. To name some of the celebrities this tool is capable of, there is Obama’s voice, Trump’s voice, Biden’s voice, Arnold’s voice, and the library of voices is endless.

To use this tool you need to download the desktop software they provide you with, record your voice or import your .mp3 file to the software, choose which celebrity you want to sound like, and BOOM! You’re now a celebrity!

2. Vid BG Remover

As the name suggests, this AI tool has the potential to remove the background from your videos in seconds. Though there are some other software programs that will allow you to remove the background of your content manually, which is tedious and time-consuming, with this AI tool, you can remove the background of your videos with a single click.

There is no need to have a green screen as your background so that it can remove it; you just need to upload the video from which you want to remove the background, and the AI will do the rest of the work for you.

Vid BG Remover


This is another tool that will help you escape boring tasks by saving time. It helps you remove unwanted objects from your images in no time. What I love about this website is that it’s 100% FREE and you don’t need to create an account to use its features.

Just upload the picture that has unwanted objects in it, highlight the unwanted objects, and let the AI do its magic.

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4. Descript

Descript is a software tool that can be used for different types of tedious tasks like video editing, podcasting, screen recording, transcription and more, but this incredible tool is popular for its text-to-speech feature which is game-changing amongst any other existing ones that have the same ability.

Download the desktop app they offer, create a new project, type your text, and choose the speaker of your choice. You won’t believe how realistic it sounds!


5. D-ID

You may have heard of some of the AI tools that let you create your own avatar and let the avatar speak instead of you to your audience, but this one is different. D-ID is 100% FREE; how is it different then? Due to the FREE service and avatars they provide, plus, there is no restriction or fee required to upload your own custom avatar.

Upload your custom avatar or choose one from the list of avatars they offer, write the text you want to turn into spoken words by a person, and BINGO!


6. Pictory

Pictory is a revolutionary AI tool that will definitely blow your mind. Imagine you have created a YouTube channel and you have no clue for editing your videos and recording them, but you just have the script or the idea in your head, that’s when this tool steps in. This AI tool can convert your script or article into a fully functional video ready for publication.

Write or paste the text, give the text a title to make it more efficient for the AI, that’s all you need to do. Anything remaining, like stock images, stock videos, subtitles, and voice, are all done by Pictory!


7. Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast in general has two tools inside of itself: one is for guiding you to set up your microphone so that you sound perfect, and the other, which is more popular and life-changing, is for enhancing the quality of your recorded voice. You may have decided one day to record your podcast or video, but you left and didn’t record it just because you didn't have a good-quality microphone. Hopefully, you don’t need to spend a penny on those fancy studio microphones to sound good because this tool is FREE to use.

Upload your recorded voice in either .mp3 or .wav which perhaps has the lowest quality and is full of noise, and then let the AI turn it into an unbelievable audio.

Adobe Podcast

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