Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023 to get a Job Without a College Degree

This article covers all the programming languages which are in demand in 2023 and there is a numerous job market for it.

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8 min readMar 15, 2023
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You may wonder and ask: “How on earth can I get a job without a degree?” Well, hopefully, when it comes to programming and coding, you just need enough aptitude, and to get your aptitude to the next level, you have to build stuff to reveal your hidden talent to the world and the company you are willing to apply for a job at, and that’s ladies and gentlemen, how you can get your dream job without any degree at all.

We are going to be ranking these 5 programming languages on 3 factors:

  • Learning Duration: How much time does it take you to learn the language; of course, from absolute beginning to learn and build real-world projects.
  • Job Opportunity: Salary and the demand for the language.
  • Capacity: Productivity or the development cost and time.
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1. Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language, mostly used for building android applications, so next time you see an app in your android device, it’s literally developed and built using Java language.

Surprisingly, this programming language is used by more than 6 million developers and runs on more than 5.5 million devices all around the world including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Java has a large active developers community of over 12 million, so if you ever need help or stuck during coding, you can find the solution in a matter of minute. The only con with Java I can define is its hardness which makes Java a little difficult and time-taking for a beginner to learn and master it.

The average salary of a Java developer is $106,000 per year.

Java Programming Language

2. Swift

Swift which is best-known for building IOS apps, all the devices we know such as: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac; all of those device’s apps are built using Swift programming language. If you want to be on App Store and earn money form building apps and games, you need to learn Swift, games like Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Flappy Bird all of them are built using Swift. Some of the biggest and famous companies which uses this programming language are: Uber, Lyft, Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…

The only con with this programming language is similar to Java, where it is a little hard for beginners to learn and master it. The average salary involved with Swift programming language is $119,000 a year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Swift Programming Language

3. Solidity

Solidity is best used and known for the ability to develop on the blockchain, being able to smart contract or DAAPs which is stand for Decentralized Applications. Some of the biggest companies which are using Solidity for instance: Twitter is using Solidity for its NFT functionality, so you can add an NFT as our profile picture, Coinbase, OpenSea is using it to be able to buy and sell NFTs. To emphasize, you use Solidity to write code or write apps on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The programming syntax of this programming language is equivalent to Java, where it’s mostly an object-oriented programming language, so the drawback is again the difficulty of it to learn and overcome.

Solidity is very new and very needed in the cryptocurrency world, which signals that the salary to be higher than any other programming language. The average salary of a Solidity developer is $156,000 per year.

Solidity Programming Language

4. Python

The holy grail of all time and one of my favorite programming language so far, most of the programmers and developers started their coding journey with Python, which represents Python programming language simple and easy for beginners to learn and master it, so beyond the shadow of a doubt I can briefly say that this particular programming language is the easiest one in this list. The job market and opportunity is also great, the jobs you would be doing as a Python developer would be: Machine Learning, Data Science, Analytics, Web development. Some of the biggest companies like Google, Dropbox, Quora, Netflix, YouTube are using Python.

The average salary of a Python developer is $117,000 per year according to

Python Programming Language

5. JavaScript

Well well well, JavaScript is recently encountered as the king of all programming languages in case of its usages and advantages it offers to web developers, every online website or so-called web apps nowadays, are all built up and developed using JavaScript, you can consider JavaScript as the muscles of a website, so without JavaScript, a website is motionless. All the biggest websites such as: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Spotify, etc. are using JavaScript for the functionality of their website, right now you can think of the clap button in this (Medium) website, when you press it, that functionality is added using JS (JavaScript), the same goes with YouTube and Facebook when you press the like button or any other button that has motion, or think of Spotify which you probably are listening to (actually I am listening to it right now as I’m writing this article to reduce external noises) when you are increasing or decreasing the volume of the song or pause/play the song, all of those functionalities are powered by JavaScript, so pretty much everything you can interact with on a website is driven by JS.

The type of rules you could expect as a JavaScript developer are: Frontend developer, Backend developer, Full-Stack developer; for instance, you can imagine being a Frontend developer at Netflix and your job as a Frontend developer is to develop the animations on the website or all the stunning visuals which are showing up, believe me or not, this was just a brief introduction to JS, there are a lot to discuss JavaScript, but for this article this is enough.

When it comes to learning JavaScript, from my prospective and experience, I can confidently say that JavaScript is also one of the easiest programming languages to learn NOW for the ES6 syntax they released, which makes it easy to learn and become an expert using it.

According to, the annual salary for a JavaScript developer is $104,000.

Not to forget, the only reason I am highly recommending to learning JavaScript is that the opportunity is unlimited, and is one of the fastest growing programming language and the one with the biggest community in the world.

JavaScript Programming Language

Again, you may ask: why I didn’t mention the amount of time for learning each programming language? Well, learning and mastering a programming language depends on how much time do you dedicate and devote for learning and practicing it during the day, so for every one of us it differs, and sharing my viewpoint will not be that fair when it comes to a day in our life because everyone has a different day scheduled and tasks that need to be done in a day, all it depends on, is how much time you devote for learning it.

Advice and Recommendation

If I were you (if you are not a JS developer), I would head straight into learning JavaScript, especially in this year and time, when the opportunity is exceedingly high, and it’s easy to learn, moreover, it’s fun if your passion is coding as I am. I don’t regret starting my programming journey with Python since its syntax helped me learn JavaScript faster than a regular person who is just starting to code without any previous experience in programming, so if you already know how to code in any other programming language, it’ll definitely be easy and momentary for you to master it and get your dream job.

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