7 AI Tools That are Illegal to Know

The list of the 7 most useful FREE AI tools that nobody has told you about

Halim Shams
5 min readJun 7, 2023
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There are lots of AI tools that exist right now on the internet, but not all of them are worthy. Perhaps you’ve discovered some deserving AI tools, but they’re not FREE to use. Ergo, I rolled up my sleeves and started to search for some of the fitting ones, hoping to find FREE AI tools.

The fact is that FREE AI tools are illegal due to the damage they will cause to paid ones, so discovering illegal tools can be challenging. I spent hours and hours exploring, and hopefully I’ve collected these 7 illegal AI tools as a result. Now I’m going to disclose them here in this article.


Hopefully, there are countless free and valuable videos on YouTube, but one of the cons most people don’t like is the length of the videos, which makes it frustrating to watch and gain some knowledge from them.

This amazing AI tool will help you turn YouTube videos into text by just pasting the link address of your preferred video on YouTube. Additionally, you can summarize YouTube videos, download them, search through the generated text from that YouTube video, and one of the most incredible abilities this website offers is that you can interact with your YouTube video.


2. GPT-Minus1

We all use ChatGPT these days for different types of tasks, and most people use ChatGPT to prevent boring tasks, and that’s what it is for. There are some issues when you use ChatGPT for boring tasks like writing essays that will make it recognizable that you’ve written them using ChatGPT, and to prevent this issue, you can use this life-saving tool.

GPT-Minus1 regenerates your essay and humanizes it so that no one recognizes that the essay was generated by ChatGPT.


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3. Perplexity AI

We all know that ChatGPT is mysterious and can do anything, but there’s one con that ChatGPT is not capable of, and that is not having access to the web, plus not being FREE to use it to its full potential. Fortunately, we’ve got Perplexity, which is 100% FREE to use and has access to the web.


4. Background.lol

As the name suggests, this AI tool can generate backgrounds or wallpapers by entering prompts. You just need to describe your envisioned wallpaper, click the “Generate Cover” button, and TA-DAH!

The reason I love this website is that it’s 100% FREE to use. You can use this tool instead of Midjourney, which is a paid AI tool for generating images.


5. Cutout

This AI tool is dope; it can help you edit your photos and videos with the potential of AI. It has some insane abilities, which make it incredible. Some of the unbelievable features this website provides you with include object removal from images, video background remover, image background remover, face cutout, etc. These are just the least of the abilities this website has, though.


6. Video2Recipe

Can’t take notes on a cuisine? Or maybe you’ve found a new recipe while scrolling through YouTube and want to take notes on the instructions and ingredients so that you can prepare your own. We all admit that preparing a recipe from a YouTube video is the toughest task ever; we can’t get notes of the ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

This AI tool will help you turn your cocking video into text. It consists of two parts: ingredients and step-by-step clear instructions. Just copy and paste the link to a YouTube video, and you’re done.


7. Prompt Vibes

To use ChatGPT to its full potential, you need to be a prompt master to get the most out of the prompt you’re entering, and that is the toughest ability we need to have.

This website offers you unlimited pre-written prompts that you can use to interact with ChatGPT the right and most convenient way.

Prompt Vibes

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